Friday, January 27, 2006

Christus Victor versus Satisfaction Doctrine

Earlier, I posted a short summary of why I believe Jesus had to die to save us from our sins.  I tried to very briefly do justice to something that really requires a lot more detail to deprogram what most of us have been taught over the years.  That is, in essence, that God had to kill an innocent, perfect man to pay for the sins of the rest of us.  This doctrine of satisfaction paints to me a picture of a very angry, perfectionistic and frankly schizophrenic God; who I feared for most of my life.  Why did He want to torment me so horribly?  And, how did torturing someone else appease Him?  I recently came across a great article (actually very short book) that lays out the "traditional" view (which is really a modern view and not the original view) and contrasts that with a view that makes a whole lot more sense to me.  If you want to see the original, it's at Shark Tacos  So, without further ado... 

Download christus_victor.pdf

Thanks to Derek Flood for writing this and for giving me permission to post it here and make it available to you.

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Brian Hight said...

An excellent piece of writing by Derek Flood