Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Purposefully Taking Life

This is wrong on so many levels. If I hadn't checked this out, I would have sworn this was a story by The Onion.

The Left Behind empire, built around the series of books, is hitting a new low with a violent video game scheduled for release this fall. Worse than that, there appears to be a tie-in with megachurch Pastor and author of Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren and the empire he is building.

This is straight out of bizarro world. This is a pretty long article, but I believe worth your time. Don't get me wrong, I like a good violent video game as much as the next guy. My problem with this is not that a violent video game is being released. Read it and see what you think about it.

Read About "Left Behind Eternal Forces"


Joe said...

Brian, I'm new to your blog so might be commenting on some older posts.

A 2007 article in The Nation addresses the activities of Stephen Baldwin's organization Operation Straight Up (OSU). The following are two excerpts.

With the endorsement of the Defense Department, OSU is mailing "Freedom Packages" to soldiers serving in Iraq. These are not your grandfather's care packages, however. Besides pairs of white socks and boxes of baby wipes (included at the apparent suggestion of Iran-Contra felon Oliver North, according to OSU) OSU's care packages contain the controversial Left Behind: Eternal Forces video game. The game is inspired by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins' bestselling pulp fiction series about a blood-soaked Battle of Armageddon pitting born-again Christians against anybody who does not adhere to their particular theology. In LaHaye's and Jenkins' books, the non-believers are ultimately condemned to "everlasting punishment" while the evangelicals are "raptured" up to heaven.

With tanks, helicopters and a fearsome arsenal of automatic weapons at their disposal, Left Behind players wage a violent war against United Nations-like peacekeepers who, according to LaHaye's interpretation of Revelation, represent the armies of the Antichrist. Each time a Left Behind player kills a UN soldier, their virtual character exclaims, "Praise the Lord!" To win the game, players must kill or convert all the non-believers left behind after the rapture. They also have the option of reversing roles and commanding the forces of the Antichrist.

Brian said...

Wow, Joe. I didn't realize these games were being sent to our soldiers.

Joe said...

The video game helps the Right to define the War in Iraq as a religious war rather than a political war.