Thursday, August 3, 2006

Universalists Can Get Away With Anything

One objection many people have to Universalism is that Universalists can do whatever they want with impunity because we don't have to fear hell.  Here's a great story on that subject:

This story is about the great 19th Century Universalist Hosea Ballou :

Ballou was riding the circuit in the New Hampshire hills with a Baptist minister one day, arguing theology as they traveled. At one point, the Baptist looked over and said, "Brother Ballou, if I were a Universalist and feared not the fires of hell, I could hit you over the head, steal your horse and saddle, and ride away, and I'd still go to heaven."

Hosea Ballou looked over at him and said, "If you were a Universalist, the idea would never occur to you."

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