Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The Perfect Storm (Not National Champs)

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You thought that Denver had been hit with some storms over the last couple of weeks?  The perfect storm hit Phoenix, AZ last night and crushed the Ohio State Buckeyes in its wake.  While I was watching the fiasco last night, I kept telling myself that the sun will rise again in the morning and everything will be OK.  As I woke from sleep during the night (several times), I thought "Maybe it was just a nightmare".  But, when I read the headlines this morning, I realized it really happened.  The unthinkable.  Not only did we lose the National Championship game, we were crushed, humiliated and defeated every way possible.  The Buckeyes got off to the fast start we needed when Ted Ginn, Jr. returned the opening kick 93 yards for a score.  Us Buckeye fans hoped that would help knock off the inevitable rust after 50 plus days of not playing competitive football.  We fully expected the offense might struggle.  After all, timing playing at full speed was something they hadn't done in nearly two months and had not taken any hits in that same amount of time.  But, I think everyone was shocked by our defense's total collapse.  Not only did they look uncoordinated, the defense actually looked tired to me.  It was as if they were a step behind Florida all night long.

After Florida scored on its first drive, we were hoping for some of that Troy Smith magic. But, it just wasn't there last night.  The Senior, Heisman trophy winner who always steps up in big games (always), just didn't have it last night.  There was such a total collapse by the offense that I don't know if Troy wasn't spotting the receivers, they weren't running their routes properly, the line wasn't protecting well enough or the coaches weren't calling the right plays. But, it seems that everything that could go wrong did.  Less than 100 yards total offense by one of the most productive offenses in the college football?

I fully expected some rust.  I fully expected a close game.  I fully expected that we might lose.  But, I did not expect to be beaten on both sides of the ball and on the sidelines.  Jim Tressel outcoached?  Troy Smith showed up by the two-headed Florida quarterback?  I never thought the words would cross my lips.  But, I'm afraid both happened last night.  Jim Tressel is still my Coach and Troy Smith is still my Boy. But, last night- Whoa!!!  Urban Meyer has now become an Urban Legend.

Congrats to the Gators on their impressive victory.  The Bengals and the Buckeyes have each crushed me within the last 8 days.  At the beginning of the season I wouldn't have believed the Bengals wouldn't even make the playoffs and the Buckeyes would beat Texas and Michigan only to be humiliated in the National Championship game.  So, today I think I'll just have a little pity party for myself before facing the long, gray dark days until football starts up again.  For me, the season has ended in utter defeat.


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