Monday, February 19, 2007

What Is Salvation (in 250 words or less)?

This weekend at Nexus, the topic was "Revolutionary Salvation". Gregg asked some of to share what salvation means to us (in 250 words) or less.  This was a cool assignment for me because in 250 words, I knew I couldn't bring in all the misconceptions I (and others) have/had about salvation.  In just 250 words, I'd really have to focus on what it means to me today and stick just to the main point.  If you want to see what I wrote, here it is.
During my more than 30 years of being a Christian my definition of salvation has evolved tremendously.  It has moved from a legal transaction, a “get out of hell card”, to a personal daily relationship with the Living G-d.  Salvation is not about a transaction but about a realization of something that has already been accomplished, something that is already true.  The way I would define salvation today would be freedom from condemnation- real or perceived.  Salvation is the realization that G-d is not holding my sins against me.  G-d is for me, not against me.  G-d is on my side.  G-d is cheering for me, encouraging me- not sitting with His arms folded across His chest waiting for me to screw up so that He can pounce on me with punishment.  G-d is my advocate, my defense attorney, not my prosecutor.
Once I realize that G-d is for me, has truly forgiven me all of my sins (not just the little ones), the realization of salvation allows me to live my life in freedom and to live it to the full.  Realizing that G-d doesn’t condemn me gives me the ability to grasp that no one has the right to condemn me, not even me.   The realization that G-d’s mercies are new every morning (every hour, every minute) gives me the freedom to forgive myself and to live my life the way G-d intended it to be lived.  I can now live fully appreciating all He has given me, including His wondrous, unending, unlimited and unconditional love for me.
That's it, in a nutshell.  What do you think?

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