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I just read an article on Julie's blog comparing Barack Obama to Ronald Reagan.  Wow!  That made me really want to rethink my support for Obama for a couple of reasons. First, I don't want to be a sheep.  Secondly, I wouldn't vote for Reagan in a millions years. That follows seeing the new will.iam video about Obama yesterday.  And, I have to confess I did buy "I've Got a Crush on Obama" by Obama Girl yesterday.  All of this has me a little concerned. 

I don't mean to be a downer. I love Obama and what he stands for- hope and change along with substance.  I am a major supporter.  But, this  video makes me uncomfortable and leads credence to those who claim Obama supporters are just blind followers  I don't mind chanting "Yes We Can".  But, the chant of "Obama" in the video I find disturbing.  I love the sentiment of "We Can Change the World" and I love's enthusiasm.  But, let's keep our heads about us and let people know Obama is a man of substance, too.

I've studied Obama's record. In truth, more than any candidate for president ever.  And, it's precisely because there is such a wave of exuberance lifting him up that I have scrutinized him. I am hardly ever a follower, going along with popular trends.  I will not vote for a candidate just because everybody thinks he's "cool" or because he gives great speeches.  In fact, I'm prone to go the other way.

Obama is a man of intelligence, substance and character.  He comes with a unique cultural perspective.  He has the ability to reach out to those who differ from him.  I think he offers this country real hope at changing the way things are done both domestically and overseas.  And he has the record to back it up.  His time in the Illinois Senate and his short tenure in the United States Senate has been extremely productive.  Let's not sell the man short by focusing merely on the sizzle and forgetting about the steak.  I'm a little concerned about an anti-Obama backlash.  And, let's not forget he can't change water into wine.  Some of the support for Obama makes me want to start looking for a mark on his forehead. 

If you're an Obama supporter, enjoy the video. The videos are fun and can help us supporters get fired up.  But, don't forward them to your friends expecting them to jump on the bandwagon because of the videos.  Instead forward his policy statements or his record of achievements.

OK. Gotta run and put on my Obama t-shirt.  The primary in Ohio is Tuesday, you know.

Yes We Can!

p.s.- two shocks this week. The Mayor of Cincinnati (Mark Mallory) threw his Superdelegate vote to Obama and the Cincinnati Enquirer endorsed Barack over Hillary. Is this the same Cincinnati I've been living in for the past 10 years? I thought for sure the Enquirer would go for the "safe" choice, Hillary.
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