Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sean's Improving

I got word from Debra that Sean is on the mend. This report is from Friday evening. The doctors are optimistic.  It looks like it'll be tomorrow (Sunday- 3 days after his surgery) before they start waking him up though:

good BP today, less up/down/up/down. urine output dropped today so they gave him some lasix. good pulses. he's breathing every other breath even with the ventilator. it breathes then he breathes. you can see the difference on the monitor. eeg has lots of movement so it looks like he's thinking/dreaming. they say people who have been on heart bypass have wild dreams for several months after...his skin doesn't feel like ice anymore, which is really nice. so we are stable. muffled heart tones. responsive pupils (although sluggish). they are very optimistic. so we are trying to be also.  he's off the paralytic medicine and only on pain/sleep meds. he'll be back to 98.6F tomorrow by the time we get up. then they'll start taking stuff off/out. (chest tubes, ventilator, breathing tube). after all is warm and all is out that can be, they will start waking him up. right now they are still saying it will be sunday.

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