Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sean Is Home

What a roller coaster the last week has been.  Sean’s surgery was a 
week and a half ago now.  After the surgery they were concerned Sean 
might have brain damage from the lack of oxygen during the operation.  
Last week his temperature was up and down, his blood pressure was up 
and down and the Masters were told that he might be in the hospital for 
the weekend, Sean made a dramatic turn for the better and the 
cardiologist and swallowing therapist (he had lost his ability to 
swallow) agreed that Sean could go home.
are still a few financial issues the Masters have to work out.  But, 
the good news is the operation is over, was  a success and Sean is back 
at home on the road to recovery.
If you want to see some pictures of Sean's ordeal, click here:  Sean's Photobook

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