Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

Kansas Bob tagged me for one of those "meme" things.  I'm supposed to post six random things about me.  This was tougher than it sounds.  Here are my six:

  1. I only moved once during the time I was in elementary, junior and high school but I attended 7 different schools. I literally have no contact with anyone I went to elementary, junior high, high school or college with even though I only live 100 miles from my home town.
  2. I started doing laundry, cooking and cleaning when I was about 10 years old. I did 90% of the cooking for the first six years of our marriage.
  3. Being named Brian Smith, it was important to me to give my kids names that were not so common. When we named Kayla, neither my wife nor I had ever heard the name (we chose it from a book). Now, 11 years later, we cannot go anywhere without running into an eleven year old named Kayla. We have no idea how this happened.
  4. My favorite color is purple.
  5. I used to want to be a rock star. Now, my dream job is pro golfer.
  6. I hate these meme things. ;-)
Oh wait.  I just threw in number six because I couldn't think of another thing.  Here's my real #6

My great, great, great, great, great grandparents were both slave and master. I am a descendant of Thomas Jefferson. It was a weird feeling visiting Monticello last year and looking the slave quarters and the "big house" and knowing my ancestors lived in both, at the same time.

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