Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drop the Blackberry (non) Story

OK.  So a McCain staffer said something incredibly stupid.  Why is this news?!  Everybody knows John McCain didn't invent the Blackberry.  So, drop the "story". When the Obama camp was asked about it the only response should have been "No comment." 

Same with the Carly Fiorina comment that running a major company isn't the same as running the country.  She's right.  Being President might be harder. But, it's not the same.  Carly has said some bone-headed things. But, this isn't one of them.   I don't think any of the candidates would be hired to run HP and that means absolutely nothing.  They wouldn't be hired to be brain surgeons either.  So what?  There's some comparison between being CEO of HP and being the President, but actually probably less than most of us would think at first glance.  Carly gave an honest and a correct answer and it doesn't mean any of the candidates are any less qualified to be POTUS.  How many former Presidents would you like to see running Apple or Microsoft? 

p.s.- update.  I read that they're throwing Carly under the bus and she will now "disappear"


kc bob said...

I'd give Bill Gates a shot at the POTUS :)

Seriously, you gotta wonder why lawyers are so attracted to government leadership and not successful businessmen like Gates.

Brian said...


Yeah, I thought about that. There are a few CEO's I'd give a shot at POTUS. But, the question was the other way around. Which former Prez would you trust to run Microsoft?

Politicians don't understand technology, marketing, how to run a sales force, how to do competitive analysis, etc., etc. Carly Fiorina was spot on when she said none of the four candidates could run a company like HP. Of the four, I'd choose Obama. But, given a choice between Obama and say Steve Jobs, it'd be no contest. Sorry, Barack.