Monday, September 1, 2008

Let's Show Some Compassion

OMG!  Seriously?  Over the weekend, I was reading this garbage saying that Sarah Palin was really the grandmoth

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OMG! Seriously? Over the weekend, I was reading this garbage saying that Sarah Palin was really the grandmother of Trig and that she did it to cover up her daughter Bristol's pregnancy. I was disgusted by the venom of some of the left wing blogs (that I have to admit I to read) and the comments coming from some Obama supporters. This is not the type of politics Barack Obama plays and I was happy to see the restraint showed by some and the exhortations for the others in our group to knock it off. Then, I see that the McCain-Palin camp has announced that Bristol is actually five months pregnant NOW. Seriously?

I want to make it perfectly clear that while I am scared to death to have Sarah Palin just a heartbeat away from being President, I would never wish any ill on her family. This situation should not be used for political gain. It was bad enough that people were posting pictures of Bristol with her stomach circled over the weekend. Now, there are already idiots out there comparing the Palin family to Britney Spears' family. Shame on you for saying those mean-spirited things.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Palin family. I'm just amazed that Sarah accepted this nomination knowing full well what would happen over the coming days. I won't repeat the comments I've already found on the blogs about this situation. But, it's not going to be pretty. I want to say this. Teenagers have sex. Teenagers get pregnant. Whether their parents are conservative or not has nothing to do with it. This does not make the Palin family dysfunctional in any sense. It makes them normal. Unfortunately, what it does show, once again, is that teaching abstinence is no defense against pregnancy. The Palins have announced that Bristol will marry the father (a bride at 17?). Just shaking my head in disbelief.

I am reluctant to say anything in this post that could be construed as political. But, I have to say this: "A pox on both your houses!" I am on an Obama publicity list and I'm ashamed at the people who think that pushing the rumor over the weekend brought this to light, who wanted to push the rumor over the weekend and those who now are putting together "talking points" to take advantage of it. They do not represent the typical Obama supporter and we're trying to rein them in. OTOH, I can't believe that Sarah Palin put her daughter into this situation. What kind of ambition does she have that she would accept the nomination knowing what would happen? If McCain really knew, as he says he does, why didn't he not pass over her for the nomination if nothing else out of consideration for her family? Is it possible they thought this would make Sarah/Bristol sympathetic figures? Who knows?

You all know I am a liberal and an Obama supporter. However, I would never wish any ill on the Palin family and I sincerely feel sad for them today- especially Bristol. To be under this microscope at this time in her life....

Lord have mercy,

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