Friday, September 26, 2008

What did she say?

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Sequoia Lea Ananda said...

Thank you Katie! Man, Palin is BADDDDD NEWSSSSS. Hilarious and down right disturbing at the same time. Love the new blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

She, like Obama, proved that she is fully capable of delivering a compelling teleprompter speech. She was praised by her peers during and after the annual governors conference.

It is also very interesting and of relevant value that each of the world leaders who sat down with Palin in the last week or so has had nothing but praise for her intelligence, comportment and questions.....though it is hard to find reportage of the comments (gee...we all wonder why, don't we?)

I am anxious to see what happens in the debate forum with the gaffe king ....I actually believe that will be the her defining opportunity to display her "goods" to the American should be the most entertaining of the 3 debates.

Brian said...
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Someday said...

They should stop coaching Governor Palin. Let her be herself. I've seen her when she is speaking for her self and not trying to be someone else's sock puppet. She is being held back, and that is a mistake.


karen said...

Nothing. They all say nothing.

Someday said...

It's occurred to me why she answered the bail-out question so badly. She is a terrible liar. Plain and simple. She is going against her own belief about this bail-out on behalf of her running mate. I've heard her speak and seen her be interviewed, but never did she look so uncomfortable as she did trying to show support for something that her record shows she would not normally support. Perhaps Senator McCain should listen to her on this one.