Sunday, December 3, 2006

The Bucks Are National Champs

Brutus BuckeyeImage via WikipediaImage via WikipediaImage via WikipediaI don't normally write about sports and I know many of you couldn't care less. But, I've got to say  something about my Ohio State Buckeyes now that USC has fall to UCLA.  For so many years, I've been right there with those who want a national championship game.  Now, the BCS has supposedly given us that.  The best two teams in the country are supposed to square off in the BCS Championship Game on January 8th.  That's all well and good when you have two teams of relatively equal stature left at the end of the regular season.  But, this year, we have a clear national champion, the Ohio State Buckeyes.  The Buckeyes are the only major team in the country with an unblemished record.  OK, you want us to play Boise State for the National Championship? Bring it on!

Ohio State has already beaten two number twos- Texas early in the season and Michigan (the second best team in the country) late in the season.  While Florida and Michigan both make their claims to play Ohio State, neither team can legitimately claim the national championship- even if the beat Ohio State.  If Ohio State loses to either, neither will have proved they are superior to Ohio State.  We've already beaten Michigan and won the Big 10 Conference.  We've already beaten other high caliber teams and we went undefeated.  If Florida were to happen to beat Ohio State, we'd both have one loss records.  What do we do then?  Play Florida in a tie-breaker?  While I think Michigan is probably the better team, at least Florida can make the claim they haven't had their shot at Ohio State yet.

So, bring on number two. We'll play 'em.  But, the Buckeyes will always be the 2006-2007 National Champions in this fan's heart.

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