Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donna Brazile- Not Going Back

Impassioned speech from a Barack Obama supporter about focusing on the issues and the best man for the job, not the distractions.

Sorry, you have to click on the link. I couldn't figure out how to embed this. Donna Brazile


Someday said...

I agree with much of this except the part about not looking into a presidential candidate's past. I've interviewed people to fill various positions over my lifetime. I expect a resume that is accurate and convincing. I perform background checks in the civilian world, and in the military we had a stringent process to make sure a person was qualified for their position.

In order to get my security clearance, the investigators spoke to people who barely met me. I don't even know how they knew these folks knew I existed. They uncovered things about me I didn't even know about myself. And I was just a low guy in the totem pole, not the Commander in Chief.

I want the Commander in Chief to have a background check and a verifiable resume. That's not looking into the past. That's common hiring practices for any position of responsibility.


Anonymous said...


I didn't catch a part where she said that. I think vetting is very important, of course. I think she was talking about going back in history to a less progressive, less open-minded time. I didn't at all think she ever suggested that we not look into past actions.

That was beautiful, by the way. I'll send the link to my friends.