Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just got this in my inbox

Reason #5796 why I can never be a "Conservative". I somehow got subscribed to a conservative email list and I've been getting "stuff" like this in my inbox.

"I have been made victorious through terror."
-- Muhammad, founder of Islam

Dear Fellow Conservative,
The truth is usually pretty simple, but as I'm sure you would agree, finding it in the mainstream media is next to impossible.

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Ann Coulter
Legal Correspondent for HUMAN EVENTS

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Tones said...

C'mon Brian - Ann Coulter is not a conservative in my book - she's a hate-monger and a separatist. A true conservative does not act in this manner!

Your stance against conservatism is based on a nut-case. Kinda like a friend of mine who wants nothing to do with Christianity because a pastor she knew cheated on his wife.

Brian said...

Tony, this is not the reason I'm not a Conservative. It's reason #5,796 why I'm not a Conservative. I posted this message to another list I'm on and a woman I know said she subscribes to this magazine. Ick!

BTW, some of the things I post here are just tongue-in-cheek. It's not like if this magazine went away I'd switch to Conservatism. I'm not saying this is typical of all Conservatives. It's certainly not. But, it does represent a "significant" (subjective word I know) portion. But, in all seriousness, I am sick of the slander against Islam and Muslims of late. And that has pretty much been ignored.