Friday, October 10, 2008

Music Friday- Elect Obama

I know most of my readers aren't big hip hop fans and you're probably tired of me raving about Barack Obama.  This link was sent to me yesterday.  Whether you like the song or not, I'm impressed by the way Obama has been able to energize the youth of America who have been characterized as apathetic and not involved in the political process.

Personally, I think the song rocks.  The people who created the video asked me to spread the video and the link to the MP3, which is free. 


Someday said...

I kinda like it. It gets stuck in your tomorrow I will probably hate it.


Eric Guel said...

Nice blog. I came over via Kansas Bob's blog. I've bookmarked you.

Brian said...

Welcome, Bird. Glad to have you here.

It's kind of all Obama all the time right now. I'll get back to other stuff after the election.

kc bob said...

Brian, I absolutely love the idea that a politician.. albeit one running for our highest office.. is drawing teens into the campaign.. it inspires me.