Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What Does the Mayor of Wasilla Do All Day?

I'm not sure whether this is funny or not.  You might find it funny or disturbing.  No need to keep jumping on poor Sarah Palin.  But, this is worth watching.


Sequoia Lea Ananda said...

Too funny! I so love the Daily Show.

Someday said...

Poor Sarah Palin?
You mean the first female Governor of Alaska?
You mean the same Sarah Palin who
Negotiated with the big oil companies who had previous governors in their pocket resulting in a deal that benefits both the citizens and the oil companies?
You mean the Governor that ended the state gasoline tax and sold the Governor's private jet?
The same governor Palin that negotiated a natural gas pipeline deal between Alaska and Canada that the local Native American's have been trying to get a governor to do for 30 years despite opposition from oil the industry?
The same Governor Palin who overhauled state ethics laws?
The same Poor Sarah investigated conduct of a commission member, who ultimately resigned?
The same Poor Sarah Palin who filed an ethics complaint against the state's Republican attorney general, who also resigned.

You mean THAT poor Sarah Palin?

Or do you mean Tina Fey, the only Sarah Palin the national Pravda recognizes? Sarah Palin wasn't just the mayor of Wassila, she was elected by her peers through out her state to be the president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors.

Anyway, since I think I made my point there, I think the video is pretty funny. Funny in a pathetic way though. I can do the same video in any city if I selectively edit it to make the whole population of that city look like a bunch of idiots.

Brian said...

You mentioned ethics and Sarah Palin in her defense? Wow. That's rich. I won't bother to enumerate her ethical violations.

BTW, as far as small towns go, I'm pretty familiar with them. My wife is from a town half the size of Wasilla. My mother is from a coal mining camp in West Virginia. They definitely have their charm. This video is only relevant for two reasons. 1.) Sarah Palin claims one of the major reasons she's qualified to be President is that she ran Wasilla. A town about the size of my neighborhood. 2.) Sarah Palin talks about "real America" and how proud she is to be an American while she has extremely close ties and her husband was a member of a secessionist party who says they are not Americans but Alakans.


Someday said...

Please, enumerate on her long list of ethical violations. I would be interested to hear them. If it has anything to do with that guilty verdict in Alaska, she was exonerated from wrong doing in firing a rat. That was why she was being investigated. Can I have more examples?

I was in Alaska When Governor Palin was changing the state and going after corruption. I am not drinking the media kool-aid.

Brian said...

Two things, Someday. Clearly you are in the bag for McCain/Palin and that's OK. You can ignore the ethical violations as much as you like. Using the word "exonerated" when the report clearly said she had committed an ethical, violation says all I need to know about your objectivity on this topic. She was "exonerated" from legal wrong-doing.

Second thing, I'm done bashing Sarah Palin. She has sucked enough air out of the room and frankly, it's just no longer necessary. The majority of the country (yes, according to polls, more than 50%) thinks she is unqualified to be President/Vice President. She's a bigger drag on the ticket than George Bush.

I have no desire to bash the woman. I hesitated to post this video and finally did because there is some pretty good humor in it. I have nothing against her personally and I wish her well. When I said "poor Sarah Palin", I was only being slightly facetious. I think she'll go down in history and be spoken of the same way Dan Quayle is and that is too bad. I think the Republican party did her disservice by putting her in this position.


Someday said...

Brian, I began reading your blog because you did a nice job of uncovering the truth about eternal torment. I see a parrallel with myself there. I'm a truth digger.

It bothers me you left that behind and began to make up your own mind based on a slanderous media invention of Governor Palin.

I simply don't care about her popularity in national polls. I have seen this woman in action. I know character assassination when I see it.

Brian said...


Yeah. Sorry. For the next couple of weeks, the blog will focus on the election.

I am not interested in assassinating the character of Governor Palin. I am interested in expressing my views about what is best for America. I see this as an extremely important election. I appreciate you hanging in there and providing your POV.

I hope you'll stick around. If you take off until after the election, I understand.


Tones said...

Kinda funny, and cheap. Mayoral duties in small and medium sized towns is important. I personally know the mayor of the City I live in, and went to school with the Mayor of a neighboring City. This is another example of the hollywood/entertainment/media hacking slowly and delibrately at a person's character in a very destructive, mean-spirited, and eletist manner. Another shameful example of the divide in this country. Free speech, however.