Monday, November 3, 2008

History Will Be Made Tomorrow

Barack Obama: A mosaic of peopleImage by tsevis via FlickrImage by tsevis via FlickrTomorrow I will be at the poll all day doing my civic duty. I have to be there at 5:30AM and will not be able to leave until the poll is shut down at 7:30PM (Eastern). So, I will not get to watch the early returns and probably by the next time I post to my blog, we'll have a new President-elect.

History will be made one way or the other. Either we'll have the first African American in the White House or the first woman. I am so glad to be living at this time and to be sharing this experience with all of you. To those of you sick of my raving about Barack Obama, I thank you for your patience. I wish I could have convinced more of you to take part in the election of a man who will go down in history (one way or another should he win). But, you've got your reasons for making the choice you made and I respect your decisions.  No matter who wins, I pray that our country comes together on Wednesday morning in a new spirit of peace and cooperation and that we can begin to heal from the divisions that have become so deep among us.

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karen said...

It is an amazing time. I pray for whomever is elected, for protection, wisdom, and strength!

kc bob said...

Thanks for serving at the polls Brian! Amening your prayer that our country comes together and Karen's prayer for the president elect.

Tones said...

Good words. Amen brother.