Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Religion- The Guru's Cat

Wild Kingdom in the Backyard- Stray Cat and FishImage by BrianWestChest via FlickrI love this little story.

When the guru sat down to worship each evening the ashram cat would get in the way and distract the worshipers. So, he ordered that the cat be tied during evening worship.

After the guru died, the cat continued to be tied during evening worship. And, when the cat expired, another cat was brought to the ashram so that it could be duly tied during evening worship.

Centuries later, learned treatises were written by the guru's scholarly disciples on the liturgical significance of tying up a cat while worship is performed.

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Don said...

And that's where much of our dogma and doctrine comes from.....lol

Brian said...

This story reminds me of Paul's letters to the early churches. We have one side of a conversation between Paul and the churches. Advice he was giving them advice concerning specific situations. While we can extract general principles from his writings, for sure, I find it amazing that some people want to take every letter and apply it to all situations and all times.