Friday, January 2, 2009

First Day of 2009- Weighing In

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I've been avoiding the scales because I knew what they were going to say.  My clothes have already been whispering to me.  This morning the scales screamed.  I've been living la vita dolce over the past few weeks/months.  Zero exercise, too much alcohol and too many sweets (not to mention the parties and the entrees).  I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions.  But, tipping the scales at an all time high of 203 calls for an exception. My scales tell you where you are relative to your last weigh in (no matter how long it's been).  I'm up  6 pounds and I was already over my target then! I'm committed to taking off this excess weight by the end of next month. 

Ah, why can't the things that taste good be good for you?

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karen said...

I guess it "balances" out...I lost a pound! :-) I usually do over the holidays because food starts looking icky to me really fast. You'll drop seem naturally thin while I have a good 30 more to lose.

kc bob said...

What a bummer.. I am going to rebel against this post :)

Happy 2009 Brian!

Michael Ogden said...

I think the ideal diet is two beers for supper every night. Nothing else, just two beers. I tried it for a few weeks and it worked for me- I gained 5 lbs.

Brian said...

Mike, I'm not sure my doctor would approve that diet. LOL.

Don said...

The Latino world calls it something similar: living La Vida Loca (the crazy life) and I would agree. We all know better. We all know what happens around this time each year.....but we still do it. I haven't gotten on the scales and don't intend to until my clothes whisper sweet nothings to me!!

Brian said...

Yeah, Don. I do it every year. But, each year, the pounds go on easier. This year- WOW.

The good news is just three days of eating sensibly knocked off three pounds.