Friday, January 9, 2009

Seal- Soul

Cover of Cover of SoulA few weeks ago I was watching Eli Stone (great show, BTW) and Seal made a guest appearance. He sang "A Change Gonna Come" in a cameo appearance. It was only a minute or so of the song. But, it was one of those moments in a show or a movie where the music is so good, you want to forget the story and just have the the music continue. Well, I found out Seal has an album of R&B classics. I ordered it from and it came in the mail yesterday. I can't get enough of it. Soul It's just $8.99 at Amazon right now.

I've always loved Seal's raspy voice. I have most of his albums. But, being a lyrical type of guy, I've never ben a really huge fan because often when I can understand the words he's saying, I can't understand the meaning. Seal is intentionally vague about what his songs mean even refusing to print the lyrics in the inserts. He wants the listener to decide what the song means to them. I pretty much like straight forward lyrics. But, this album fixes that little problem I have, combining Seal's Sam Cooke like voice with great orchestration and tunes from an era where they really knew how to write music. Orchestrated by David Foster and Jerry Hey, the band backing Seal is just amazing. You'll end up listening to the band just as much as you do to Seal belt out these tunes.

There aren't too many albums I'd deem an instant classic. When I'm rating songs in iTunes, they typically have to be about 20 years old to get more than 3 stars from me. But, there are several on this CD that I've rated a 4 and I'm thinking about pushing them up to a 5 (the highest).

If you like R&B at all. I recommend you rush right out and pick up this CD.

Here's another video from the album People Get Ready

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