Monday, March 9, 2009

Shayna's Team Takes Second

Shayna's Thunderbirds

Shayna's 3rd grade team wrapped up their season yesterday with their leageue tournament.  Shayna's team went undefeated with the exception of one team that beat them twice during the regular season and then yesterday in the final game.  Only one team beat that team all year.  The first time we played them pretty close.  The second time was a blowout.  Yesterday, Camille hit a last second shot for Shayna's team to send the game to overtime where they won by four.  The girls were thrilled when they found out second place got trophies.

It's been fun watching Shayna, and all of the girls, develop over the year.  I never thought watching third grade girls basketball could be fun.  Shayna is a lot like Ty and I (only I suspect better than both). She's been the best rebounder on her team every year she's played.  She plays shut down defense.  The girl she's playing hardly ever scores.   She's got great hands (something neither of us had).  This off-season we'll work on her ball handling so she can get more involved in the offense.  At this level, whoever brings the ball down the court usually shoots.  Shayna scored a lot but mostly on offensive rebounds. 

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Shayna!!! What a great team! I'm so proud of her! I was not really an athlete in the 3rd grade... too cool!