Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weighing In Again

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As motivation, the first day of the year I publicly posted my weight on my blog. Over the holidays, I really let myself go and I was at my all time heaviest. I refuse to accept the fact that I have to be fatter just because I am older. Since January I've been on a regimen of diet and exercise to try to get back down to where I was in my youth. My goal was to get there by the Derby Party (coming up in a few days). As of today, I have officially hit the weight I was when I graduated from college. Finally, people are telling me I am too skinny again. LOL.

In case you care about the number, it's 185.

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kc bob said...

Congrats Brian.. I so admire your discipline.. you are my new hero!

I need a copy of your plan.. email it to me if you have it in writing someplace.

Brian said...

Thanks, Bob. The "plan" was really just more calories out than in. I found some great calorie counters on the 'net that I followed religiously the first few weeks. I journaled everything I ate and my activity level to make sure that every day I burned more calories than I consumed. I found a gadget on Google (my homepage). The gadget is fatsecret. This link might work:

I have a recumbent bike which helped me meet my goal of more calories out than in (since otherwise I literally sit in front of a computer all day).

That's it. No crazy diets. I did meal replacement shakes for breakfast several times. But, not every day. I ate Healthy Choice meals for lunch because they give you portion control (the thing most of us really struggle with). Portion control is the real key. You can eat whatever you want. Just eat less. Also, I tried to eat several small meals every day. Never more than 4 hours between eating. Snacks I kept to around 100-200 calories and meals mostly below 400 calories.