Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Most Improved Swimmers - 1

Kayla and Shayna each received the Most Improved Swimmer in their age bracket for Windwood this year.  It was Shayna's first year.  Both girls went from not being able to go off of the blocks headfirst to having pretty good entries by the end of the year.   Both girls improved their times enough to be on the relay teams.  In the end-of-year championships, Kayla beat all of her times from last season's championships (except for breast stroke) and beat her best times from during the year shaving 2.5 second off of one of her bests.  They worked hard.  Even though Shayna said she didn't want to do swim team, she didn't complain about the 8AM workouts.

Yesterday, we received the results of Kayla's end-of-year standardized testing.  In addition to making National Junior Honor Society this year, she received the OHVA Head of School Honor Award for Academic Excellence this year. She scored in the Advanced range for Reading (top) beating the State Average, District Average and School Average scores by a wide margin. She scored in the Accelerated range in both Math and Writing also beating each of the averages by a wide margin.  I knew she knew her stuff when it comes to her math.  But, she gets so nervous, I was concerned with how she'd do on the test.  She did great!

Shayna took reading and math assessments.  She also got the Heat of School Award.  She was off the chart on her Reading score and scored in the Advanced range for Math.

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