Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Wrote My Congressional Representatives

You're probably tired of hearing me talk about health care reform.  But, I have to post this.  I just wrote to my Congressional representatives (senators and congressman) urging them to pass health care reform this year.  I thought I'd let you know what I wrote and give you a link to how to you can contact your representatives to let them know how you feel about this issue:

Here's the link to find out who they are:

Here's what I wrote:
I am writing to you today concerning health care reform.  As a business owner and a person who has to purchase his own health care insurance, I am very concerned about the state of the health care industry in our country.  As a person of faith (member of the United Church of Christ), I am concerned about the lack of quality affordable health care insurance for so many of our citizens and how that leads to bankruptcies for many families, health complications because of delayed treatment for many families and death for more than a few who put off treatment because they simply cannot afford it.

Politics aside, this issue is important for the economy our country and it's a justice issue for a country that should be taking care of the weakest among us.  I urge you pass major health care reform before the end of this year, including the following provisions:

  • Coverage for all persons
  • Portability so that people's ability to have insurance is not tied to their employment status
  • Access regardless of ability to pay
  • A full set of benefits
  • A choice of physicians and other providers
  • Waiver of pre-existing condition exclusions without any age limits
  • A publicly available, government administered, insurance option

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Someday said...

I applaud you for your letter Brian. All of our representatives need to hear our voices on this issue. I have written mine as well with my thoughts on the subject. I've also written my Senators.
If your rep is having a town hall meeting(s), make sure you attend. It doesn't hurt to call and speak to someone in your representative's office as well.