Tuesday, December 8, 2009


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Yesterday I blogged about why Tiger Woods' downfall was a good thing.  Someone I know asked how I could possibly be glad this happened and that just wasn't right.  I think my post really upset her. Then, this morning happened.  Another learning moment.

I saw my friend's comment about my blog post and shot off how I subscribe to the "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." philosophy.  There's a silver lining behind every cloud.

Flash back to last night.  Last night I realized my car battery was dead.  I had a breakfast meeting this morning, one I was really looking forward to because I rarely get out of the house for social events.  So, the great news is I realized the battery was dead last night and had time to jump start my car.  Yippee, mini-disaster avoided.  Got the car jump started.  Let it run for a few minutes.  Then, went to bed and set the alarm clock to get up early.

This morning I  up early, got dressed and went out to start the car.  The battery was dead as a doornail. Not good.  I'm mad.  But, hey, I allowed time for this.  No problem, I may be a few minutes later than I thought I would be.  But, I can still make the breakfast,  I got out the jumper cables, hooked them up, cranked my car.  Nothing!  Not even a click.  Disaster again.  But, wait.  The car started last night when I hooked up the jumper cables.  I'm no mechanic. But, it must be that I just don't have the cables hooked up right.  It'll be OK.  I can still make it.  I checked the connections, turned the key again.  Still nothing!  Disaster again.  Our garage is pretty dim.  I thought maybe there's a problem with the connections I'm not seeing.  I'll grab a flashlight.  Fortunately, I think, we're prepared.  I know just where three flashlights are.  I get the first flashlight.  It has batteries.  But, it doesn't work.  Second flashlight- no batteries.  Another disaster. But, wait, I just bought AA batteries at Costco last week.  Maybe it takes AA. It does.  Great. Put in the batteries.  It doesn't work.  Onto the third flashlight.  It is missing batteries too. But, (good news again), it takes AA batteries, too.  It's got to work.  I put in the batteries, push the button. It's broken, too.  Disaster again.  Now, I'm really getting frustrated.  I think "How could this morning get any worse?  I got out of bed early for this?"  I remember that there's a huge lantern in the house that I used to blind the coyotes lurking around our yard.  If I can find it maybe I can get the car started.  I find the lantern, pull it out of the closet.  And, the handle on it promptly breaks.  About the only good thing that happened up until that point is it didn't fall to the floor and break or smash my foot (this thing is heavy).  As I take it out to the garage, muttering under my breath, I'm reminded of what I just posted on my blog and I kind of smile to myself.  If you're going to say "That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger." one minute you surely can't be upset about this little problem.  Suddenly, my whole mood shifted.  Maybe this was just karma.

p.s.- I was finally able to get the car started.  But, I did miss my breakfast meeting.
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Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

The quote is from Nietzsche, btw.

I first read it in the opening credits of Conan The Barbarian. ;-)

You need some of those emergency nightlight/flashlights that plug into your outlet. Make sure you get the ones with the karma shielding though. ;-)

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Did you know that today was the 29th anniversary of John Lennon's death when you picked the Instant Karma graphic?

Brian said...

Wow. No way. I had no idea, Mike. 29th anniversary of Lennon's death. That's just too freaky.

Yeah, I knew the quote was from Nietzche. Just goes to show you not everything atheists say is wrong. ;-)

Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

Ha! ;-)