Saturday, January 2, 2010

Damn Those Fighting Irish

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I am not jumping on the UC bandwagon.  I've lived in Cincinnati for 12 years now and have pretty much ignored the Cincinnati Bearcats football program. I thought all year long they were ranked way too high.  I don't like one dimensional teams, particularly teams that are so lopsided in favor of their offense.  Defense is consistent.  Defense wins championships. I thought UC was a fatally flawed football team.  I suspected as soon as UC faced a stiff defense they'd be in major trouble.  When they were selected to play Florida in the Sugar Bowl, I was looking forward to see what would happen.  Would I be right and they'd be exposed or would they surprise me?  Thanks to the Fighting Irish, we'll never know.

I don't understand the NCAA rules that allow the coach of a team to abandon his team right before a major bowl game.  There should be a rule that says a floundering team can't steal a successful team's coach at least until after all the bowl games have been played.  I feel sorry for the players at UC who had a magical season of a lifetime ruined; and will always have to live with the "What if..." question.  What if their offensive genius Brian Kelly had stuck around for one more game?  Could they at least have competed with Florida?  We'll never know.

Never been a fan of the Fighting Irish either.  Now I have just one more reason to cheer against them.
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