Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jesus Interrupted-Looks like an interesting book

I think it's important to understand your faith.  As a Christian, since the Bible is so central to our faith, I think it's important to understand where it came from.   No, it did not just fall from the sky written on stone tablets.

Jesus Interrupted by Bart Ehrman looks really interesting to me.  It's an examination of where the texts that became the New Testament came from.  It'll be out in paperback in February.  I'm going to pick it up then.


Don said...

I got the book some time ago. I really enjoyed it as I usually do with all things Ehrman.

I did a two-part quaisi review of it. Here's the link if you like. The link is to part 2. Contain within Part 2 is a link to Part 1. I'll be interested to see what you think of it.

Don said...

Duh!! Guess I should leave the link with you.

Brian said...

Thanks Don. I don't expect there will be any surprises in the book for me. But, it's good to get this information into the hands of the masses. People should understand why they believe what they believe.