Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sister Sleep Over-Over?

Three years ago (almost to the day) I took the picture above.  Shayna and Kayla began what they called their "Sister Sleep Over".  Since that time Shayna has hardly spent a night in her own room. Kayla would never admit it.  But, I think one of the reasons the Sister Sleep Over began was Kayla was scared to spend the night alone. She would never close her door at night unless Shayna was in there with her.  The girls would wake up every morning and read together.  They also would lie in bed at night and talk for way too long.  But, time passes and everything must change.  A couple of nights ago, the girls decided to go back to their own rooms for the night.  Just another sign they are growing up (sniffle).  Ty was trying to prepare Shayna for the day when Kayla would decide she wanted her room back because she (and I thought) Shayna would be crushed when that day came. But, Shayna is in agreement with the decision since Kayla was telling her to stop snuggling her and to keep her feet off of her.  Now Shayna can go back to sleeping in the exact center of her bed like she did before the Sister Sleep Overs began.

Ah.... good times... good times....  Why do they have to grow up?


Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

They do grow up fast. That's sweet that they are so close.

Jesse Ahmann said...

sweet family Brian, some people wonder when I'll grow up. :)

kc bob said...

Reminiscing about days gone by.. and celebrating these good times with you Brian.