Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Most Heretical Sermon Ever

I don't think I've ever posted a sermon on my blog.  This is my buddy Robert Rutherford, a fellow universalist, heretic whose sermon went so far it got him banned from a universalist conference.

It's one of the best I've ever heard. I appreciate having Robert as a friend.


Helen Ann said...

Excellent! One of the best messages I have heard...Reflects many of the same thoughts that God has been challenging me with lately...I'm not sure what he said that would have gotten him banned from a universalist conference, though...Was it contained in this message? The only place that I could see might have raised an eyebrow is in the idea that when people receive us, they receive God. But he clearly isn't saying that we ARE God - but that we are AS God...God is in us and we are the extension of God (as he states later)...Other than that what would have offended fellow universalists?

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...


Alice said...

I've been listening to many of his sermons, since you posted this, and have been blessed and challenged.

Ross S Marshall said...

great stuff!
If you are interested my Professor and I have composed, and I have published a 500 page Ultimate Reconciliation Bible Commentary - see on Amazon under my name or, "THE ALL MANKIND BIBLE COMMENTARY". by Ross S Marshall You will need it for future sermons! Love ROSS

Ross S Marshall said...

Well, my friend mentions what the gospel is: he says its love and helping each other. Well, no, this is 2ed-ary, and is the "consequencies of the gospel "declaration of Jesus as the Son of God, and His Kingdom", and is a "well-message" (Good News) about "this knowledge" about God reconciling all of humanity. Because of this, I have become the loving person I am now as oppoosed to those who teach the bad news gospel, that may of our grandparents now burn in eternal suffering. This foul doctrine of God creating never-ending god hating athiests, burning in Hell forever, with no recourse, and no redemption should cause everyone to hate god and their fellow neighbors.
The good news is a totally good news, and has NO negative but what redeptive judgments God makes in His "restoration of all."